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Our Mission

Our goal and mission are to provide the most advanced and supportive laser training to anywhere in the world.
We provide instructions, including the most comprehensive technical and educational support needed to excel in this industry.
This type of learning experience and industry exposure helps prepare each student to successfully open and operate the safest and most effective laser practice in their selected areas.
We believe that there is more to education than attendance and a certificate, so we guarantee that each of our students will have the lifelong support of a team of professionals that will continually keep them up to date and informed on the newest technologies, protocols, and business advantages that are being developed in this rapidly growing industry.
We also consider the type of learning environment and location that we teach in.
Whether it’s online or in-person, we strive to present the most interactive learning experience available.
To set our live courses apart from other laser institutions, all of our classes are taught in a working clinical environment.

Meet our Expert

Prof. Dr. Sonia Regina Bordin-Aykroyd

• Dentist, researcher & international speaker on lasers and photobiomodulation.
• 36 year’s international work experience: Brazil / UK / USA
• Front runner on lasers and photobiomodulation in the UK (1990) & Brazil (1996).
• Ph.D. program (lasers in biomedicine), UK
• MSc degree from Eastman Dental Institute, UK
• Laser Board Certified by the Brazilian Federal Dental Council (CFO)
• Texas Laser License and Certifications in various laser esthetic procedures
• On the ADA committee working group for the development of ANSI/ADA standards for Dental Lasers
• On the IADR Taskforce committee
• President-elect of the Pharmacology/Therapy/Toxicology group, IADR
• Awarded by the peers as a Top 100 World Doctors in dentistry
• Several publications
• On the editorial board of many peer-review journals
• Visiting laser researcher at University of Sao Paulo, Brazil & ex-visiting laser researcher at University of Nevada, USA and University Camilo Castelo Branco, Brazil
• Member of American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS) & Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD); La Société Francaise d’Optique; the European Optical Society (EOS).
• Fellow of the IADFE (International Academy of Dental Facial Esthetics).
• CEO and founder of Excellence – International Laser Academy.

USA – Dallas

Brasil – Sorocaba

Brasil – Sao Paulo

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